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This is a program for women with a burning desire to bring forth their gifts and make a massive contribution to the world.

Making Magic

These beliefs will always win. 

And we are gonna face them with all the love in our hearts and blow them to bits so you can do what you came here to do.

✭ No ones gonna show up
✭ You’re not worthy
✭ Who are you to post that
✭ None of this is working
✭ You don’t know what you’re doing
✭ You look silly

The beliefs that say:

My mission is to get you energetically ready for success. I want to help you face and clear all the blocks that are between you and the business you desire.

Your belief system is the only thing between you and going to the top.

It’s my greatest honor and souls work to empower you to bring forth your gifts and provide you with the confidence and tools to share them. It’s one thing to have a gift, it’s another thing to translate it into a product, service, or course that serves the world and supports you. 

I’ve come to understand that you can learn all the business structures, instagram hacks, 6 figure income plans, blueprints to 10k months…But none of it matters if you don’t fully fucking back yourself, love yourself, and believe you are worthy of going big! You can set the whole business up, cross all the T’s and dot the I’d, but if you don’t fully believe in yourself and your mission - the universe won’t send the people because you will not be ready for them.

You may be saying: I’m ready!
But your subconscious is saying: I’m scared!
And the subconscious will always win. 

If you were lead to me, my work, and this course…it means that you have a unique gift and contribution to the world that is wanting to be expressed. 

Often it was along the lines of: go to school, get a degree, follow the appropriate path, do the safe and secure thing, work 9-5, take 2 vacations/year, save your money, and eventually, one day, retire. 

Fortunately, the world has changed and this is not way anymore. THANK GOD!

The time is ripe with opportunity to forge your own path. The business world is now highly in favor of people who are accessing and expressing their own unique contributions to the world. Thinking outside of the box, creating something from within, and doing things differently are now celebrated and supported.

We were taught a very limited way to work and make money.

express your own unique gifts, live the life of your dreams, get paid as much money as you desire to do so.

express your own unique gifts, live the life of your dreams, get paid as much money as you desire to do so.

to access and 

to access



If the universe sent you to this page - that matters. It’s a calling, it’s guidance, it means there’s something in this for you. The only question is - will you answer the call!?!?

I believe that you have a mission here on earth. You were not sent here at this time for no reason. You have gifts. And you and your gifts REALLY matter!


I’m so happy you’re


I’m so happy you’re here

✭ how to manifest
✭ understanding divine guidance
✭ How to hold an epic retreat 
✭ starting a podcast
✭ how to create a digital course
✭ how to calm tF down and trust the universe 
✭ how to attract not chase 

Other important thingys you will learn:

Yeah baby. This is really why we’re here. This is the JUICE! You’re a divine goddess powerhouse with a massive contribution to make to the world. Anything that tells you otherwise is a big fat lie. You are going to be big, bold, and powerful. You’re going to see yourself for who you are: a ray of golden sunshine here to change the world. You are safe to step into your power. You are safe to be loved. 


If you don’t have a loving, expansive relationship with money - it won’t matter how hard you work or how incredible your offerings are, they won’t generate wealth if you’re not available for wealth. We are going to clear your financial past and create an entirely new millionaire mindset that is a magnetic for abundance!


Providing the best service to your clients and creating next-level offerings that changes lives - is the standard when you work with me. Together we will create multiple products and offerings to serve your people. Everything from a freebie, to a group program, to a high ticket one:one container, and everything in between.


Putting masculine structure in your business is critical to honor your purpose and set it up for success. I will share with you the support structures that have been critical in helping my business flow. 


We will play with and explore what is trying to be expressed through you. We will help you narrow down a plan to share your inspiration with the world. And we will clear any fears, insecurities, and doubts in the way.


In This Program, You Will

What You Will Leave Behind

Let’s end this cycle once and for all. You deserve to make money. You deserve to have money. You CAN have and hold a lot of money. You can change your relationship to your debt and feel free and empowered around it. No matter what your financial history is, we can create a new reality for you moving forward. What would I be like to be fully financially supported and never worry about money again?


Scarcity, lack, never having enough money

You are powerful, you are worthy, you have a lot to offer the world. I know it - but you have to know it, too. You really matter. If you feel nervous to launch your business, take up space, and expand into the next level of entrepreneurship - I’m here to fully support you in your expansion. 


Insecurities, imposter syndrome, not feeling good enough

You are the co creator of your life. The time is now. The universe is waiting for you to claim and step into your dreams. I will provide the love nudge you need to take the first steps, to step out of your head and into your mission.


Waiting, procrastinating, wasting precious time

You are being supported. More than you could ever truly understand. Not only are you safe to pursue this path, it’s going to be better than you could ever imagine. It’s only getting better. Trust your journey, trust your path, trust your inner calling. You’re right on time and right on track.


Fear of the future and the unknown

Success and victimhood cannot coexist. Hard, unfair shit happens in the world. Our world is not set up fairly. That being said, what are you going to do about it? You have to be willing to take full responsibility for your results, your life, your mindset, and your future. You cannot give your power away. Women in this course are willing to blow past any limitations in order to claim what is rightfully theirs: their dream life.

You take responsibility for your life

Joy codes are an important part of my business. You are here to share your gifts and you are also here to HAVE FUN! You don’t take life too seriously, you are willing to laugh along the way. We don’t struggle we GIGGLE! <3

You like to have FUN

You’re ready AND willing to do whatever it takes to pursue your purpose and bring forth your mission. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and do the hard shit. You’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, lean in, take risks, move through failures, transform your mindset, and jump + trust the net will appear. 


You know you have a big purpose, you can feel it within you. You want to share your voice and gifts with the world. You want to touch the hearts of as many people are possible.

You are READY to go big

This Is For You If:

Starts Nov 2. Wednesday Evenings. 8 - 9:30PM EST.


Monthly powerful bonus calls with different experts on human designed, money, empowered accounting, social media, feminine energetics, etc.

Community and connection with other inspired leaders

Intimate Whatsapp support thread for weekly coaching and reflection

1 LIVE 60 minute coaching/
Q+A call/month

2 LIVE 90 minute lessons/month

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