When I came across Yoni Crystals I was dependent on my vibrator, struggled to feel pleasure in sex, and felt numbness and pain in my Yoni. I decided to throw out my vibrator and only use these crystals. Through a committed pleasure practice, these Crystals restored my Yoni to an orgasmic state. They helped release years of stored trauma and negative energy. Overtime pain and numbness turned into pleasure. My libido sky rocketed. The walls of my vagina went from feeling rigid and hard to juicy and plump. My pleasure became incredibly sacred and important to me. And because of that my sex life transformed. I can now say I have the sex life I always dreamed of. It's orgasmic, empowered, explorative and free. It is my greatest honor walking women through this process of awakening their Yoni’s. If you're interested in this journey for yourself,  reach out to me on Instagram @magic__juju.

These Yoni Crystals are made with the highest quality materials and are sourced ethically + sustainably.

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